Success Story - Walker & Dunlop


A new client portal improves internal efficiency while delivering convenience and on-demand tracking to customers.

Walker & Dunlop is a commercial real estate finance company established in 1937. The firm has 31 offices across the U.S. and went public in 2010.


There is significant complexity surrounding the completion of commercial real estate loan transactions, as there are many documents and many steps to follow. This complexity led to internal challenges in terms of meeting deadlines and ensuring completeness of documentation. Further, the company’s legacy document storage application did not accommodate communication with the customer, leaving all correspondence to be conducted manually by phone or e-mail. This created additional internal inefficiencies, and compromised customer satisfaction.

Walker & Dunlop recognized this as an opportunity to distinguish their customers’ experiences in a positive way by developing a client portal for managing the real estate loan process.


RDA updated Walker & Dunlop’s document system from legacy ASP.NET technology to a modern .NET technology stack. This allowed for the tight integration required between the document system and the new client portal. It also facilitates addition of new modules as needed.


The modernized document system, coupled with the new client portal (also built with .NET technology), have streamlined business processes, improved efficiency, and paved the way for increased customer satisfaction.

Technical Chops

  • Skill sets
    • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Tools
    • Microsoft .NET Core
    • JavaScript technologies
    • SQL Server

Business Drivers

  • Improving efficiency of internal processes
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Strengthening competitive edge in the marketplace