Developing Technology to Power Smart Business

What We Do Collaboration

The cloud has brought unprecedented freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to work-as-we-knew-it. Tapping the tools and technology available to us, we’re developing solutions that drive revenue and reduce costs for our clients, making them more successful.

Cloud application development and support

We design and develop cloud-based applications so you can access the tools and interfaces you need, when and where you need them. We’ll help you determine which applications best lend themselves to cloud hosting, help you get them there, and provide support and maintenance as your needs evolve. You can downsize your data center, pay only for the hardware you need, and quickly scale your software as demand requires.

UI and UX development for responsive sites and native mobile apps

Our solutions are designed with the user in mind, to maximize engagement and satisfaction. All RDA projects approach interface and experience development from a mobile smart perspective—considering a range of devices and access points. Mobile smart app deployment is a must for people and companies that run beyond the four walls of an office building.

Scalable solutions using SaaS, PaaS and your own on-premises systems

We develop for compatibility and scalability, whether you need software development, platform development, or a solution that integrates with your own on-premises systems. We’re true software architects with the know-how to deliver what you need today, and the foresight to design for tomorrow.

Customer Portfolios

  • Carecam
  • AFA
  • Greencourt