Harnessing Data to Provide Actionable Insights

What We Do BI

Having access to data that is meaningful and you can trust—it’s the difference between making smart business decisions with confidence and flipping a coin to decide your future. Yet, we meet clients all the time who are expected to make the right choices without the benefit of good data.

Big data capture, aggregation, processing and warehousing

We work with you to understand your goals, and develop solutions that capture, clean, aggregate and process growing amounts of data. This includes not only your structured, back-end systems data, but also your unstructured content—like e-mail, instant messages and social media posts.

Predictive analytics and data visualization tools

All the data in the world is useless without actionable insights. In addition to gathering and processing your most useful data, we deliver predictive analytics and data visualizations so you can get a clear read on performance and make smart decisions that move your business forward.

Ongoing support as new data sources emerge

Beyond initial design and implementation, we’re here for ongoing support. Working together, we help you identify key insights and integrate new data sources as your needs evolve.

Design and support for Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and other platforms

We work extensively with the industry’s leading data management tools and platforms to deliver visual assessments and actionable insights. And, our solutions are scalable to address future opportunities as new data sources emerge.

Customer Portfolios

  • MCPS
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