Success Story - Neenah


New Microsite Spawns an Enterprise Digital Strategy to Support a Focus on Competitive Advantage

Headquartered near Atlanta, GA, Neenah is recognized as a leading global specialty materials company, focused on premium niche markets that value performance and image. Neenah’s key products and markets include advanced filtration media, specialized performance substrates used for tapes, labels and other products, and premium printing and packaging papers. Their products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide from manufacturing operations in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.


With multiple businesses selling products that vary tremendously across many different websites, Neenah’s web presence has become fragmented over time. Giving customers an easier way to search and find all of the products is critical to Neenah’s long-term business objective of developing and maintaining a stronger competitive edge. They struggle with aging websites developed using an older version of Sitecore and other content management systems. The first step on their journey to improved reliability and a significantly better user experience was to engage a certified Sitecore partner to provide production support, and to develop a microsite for the new packaging division that would ultimately serve as a step towards the future state of Neenah’s digital footprint.


RDA began our partnership with Neenah in spring 2014. After solidifying their immediate business needs of Sitecore support and reliability, work began on the Neenah Packaging microsite. Using a design driven approach, RDA developed a site to feature and differentiate the luxury brands found in Neenah Packaging’s offering. Upon successful completion of the microsite, Neenah then engaged RDA for additional work including the translation of an app to a microsite with e-commerce capabilities. The existing Sitecore platform was utilized to avoid substantial up-front costs for the company and increase time to market.

Moving forward in the partnership, Neenah envisioned a revamp, redesign and re-message across approximately 10 of its websites. It was critical to the effort that the new sites meet marketing objectives including brand awareness, showcase products from Neenah’s systems, proactively generate leads feeding into a customer relationship management system (CRM), and be easy to navigate by site visitors, as well as to be easily managed and administered by non-technical marketing staff.

RDA worked with Neenah’s executive team to develop an enterprise-wide digital roadmap to address their objectives. The strategy needed to support the ability for cross-marketing between sites to drive additional traffic and increase revenue. RDA took a step back to evaluate the organization as a whole in order to modernize Neenah’s entire digital marketing infrastructure.


Today, RDA is helping Neenah follow the enterprise digital marketing plan that provides a series of step-by-step investments. The ultimate result will yield a platform providing services to all lines of business within Neenah to put them ahead of the competition in terms of their Digital Maturity Model.

Cost savings will be recognized as the unifying strategy works to reduce the long-term costs associated with maintaining individual digital solutions for each business unit helping to drive increased revenue. Based on financial forecasts, this investment is expected to pay for itself in approximately one to two years.

On the data front, the new strategy supports the delivery of consolidated customer data. This provides Neenah management with increased visibility into their customers’ purchasing patterns across the various lines of business. This intelligence provides them with the ability to make future investment decisions.

Productivity benefits are gained by ease of use for content editors and non-technical staff, yet is highly robust and fully featured for developers. Less time is required to manage content and documents, and a robust API offers maximum flexibility when a custom solution is required.

Technical Chops

  • Skill sets
    • Business requirements gathering and analysis
    • Sitecore Architecture and Development
    • E-Commerce
    • Legacy Modernization
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Tools
    • Sitecore
    • Insite Commerce
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Visual Studio

“We feel very confident working with RDA on our ongoing digital strategy and development of our websites. The knowledge we have gained about our current platforms combined with the roadmap for our future is directly attributed to working with a certified SiteCore developer like RDA. We communicated our need to have a methodical plan, built over time so as not to max out resources or budget and they delivered. I cannot wait to see the roadmap become reality.”

Jamie Saunders, Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Business Drivers

  • Enhancement of customer experience
  • Increase sales with single view of products and solutions
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Leads fed directly into CRM system