Success Story - TESSCO


Unleashing Stored Data To Drive Increased Online Revenue

TESSCO is an industry leader in the global wireless marketplace, representing a comprehensive resource for product and value chain solutions that make mobility and data wireless systems possible.


TESSCO had a wealth of marketing content and data, but no easy way to pull it together from multiple systems and leverage it to its greatest potential. More than just an upgraded content management system, TESSCO wanted to maximize their capability to reach out to customers and prospects through multiple channels with personalized content.


TESSCO engaged RDA to develop a custom digital marketing platform using Sitecore. Sitecore is a leading experience management software that enables context marketing. The platform manages content, supplies contextual intelligence, and automates communications at scale, across every channel and in real time. The new solution enables TESSCO to collect, create, organize, store and access more information than ever before. With aggregated, accessible and usable data, TESSCO can engage with customers in a much more targeted and personalized way. In addition, TESSCO employees now have the tools and training they need to manage their own marketing content and leverage the solution to drive revenue and engage their customers.


TESSCO has realized an improvement in their own internal processes, including software development. Sales have ticked upward, as marketing personnel are able to focus on special projects rather than dedicating significant time to web support. Three major releases were made over the project’s 18-month span, with further maturation and evolution on the horizon.

Technical Chops

  • Skill sets
    • Integration of multiple backend systems
    • Data aggregation and processing
    • Workflow processes
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Services
    • Azure Cloud
  • Tools
    • Sitecore
    • Coveo

Business Drivers

  • Expand capabilities through system upgrades
  • Drive online revenue through increased marketing engagement