Success Story - Alex Lee

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Alex Lee scales digital brand experiences with Sitecore and Azure

Founded in 1931, Alex Lee is a family-owned and operated company that employs approximately 10,000 people. It serves as the parent company of Merchants Distributors, LLC, which provides full-service, wholesale distribution to supermarkets. In addition, Alex Lee is the parent company of Lowes Foods, which includes nearly 100 full-service grocery stores in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Alex Lee, Inc. is based in Hickory, NC.


The 85-year history and proud heritage of Alex Lee does not tie the company to the past.  Instead the entrepreneurial spirit that made the company successful in the beginning is alive and well today.  Alex Lee knows that they must constantly reinvent themselves and the way they do business to stay relevant to their customers.

This mindset is driving Alex Lee to implement new customer experience initiatives as a way to keep up with the pace of innovation, take advantage of emerging trends, and achieve their business goals.


Alex Lee selected Sitecore’s CX platform to tightly integrate user experiences across digital channels. Alex Lee teamed with RDA to facilitate a digital marketing workshop to determine their overall UX/UI objectives and define which Sitecore features should be implemented. From there, RDA delivered a digital roadmap to help Alex Lee put digital strategies into action.

As part of the project, RDA delivered a new corporate website while training Alex Lee’s IT team. Alex Lee is building the internal skills to manage the environment. They also want the ability to migrate their other brands to the Sitecore platform and be able to scale their sites in the future as they grow.

RDA applied a modern UX design to simplify the visitor’s journey. An attractive and functional interface is optimized to provide a consistent and intuitive user experience, enabling Alex Lee to achieve strong brand awareness as well as an easy user experience. The user-centric Sitecore platform also empowers non-technical marketing and creative teams to drive content and measure user journey insights for more impactful campaigns.

To reduce time and complexity, RDA deployed Sitecore on Microsoft’s Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This proven architecture gives Alex Lee a range of options and can scale efficiently across their enterprise. 


Alex Lee launched their new site ( and is now in the process of measuring insights. The site integrates with their existing systems while giving them a CX framework to grow their brand experience.


Technical Chops

Skill sets

  • Digital Roadmap Workshop
  • Sitecore Developer Training


  • Sitecore
  • Azure

Business Drivers

  • Strengthen Alex Lee’s digital experience with potential hires, employees, and customers
  • Implement a modern solution to handle current and future business needs