Success Story - Carolina Handling

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A solid digital roadmap paired with Sitecore and Eloqua implementations position leading industrial supplier as a consultative brand

Carolina Handling–the exclusive Raymond service center in the Southeast–is a one-stop material handling partner and supplier. The company provides warehouse solutions, including consultation, service, parts and equipment, to customers in five states and represents more than 50 years of industry experience.


Carolina Handling has a deep desire to build trusted relationships with their customers, and set an aggressive growth target to significantly increase market share over the next three years. Several strategies–including robust digital and marketing automation components, as well as implementation of a comprehensive e-commerce offering–were identified to support this goal.

Carolina Handling has a static, brochure-style website and vast amounts of customer data—neither of which is being leveraged to its greatest use. The company wants to tap their deep customer insights to better identify potential customers, better understand their challenges and possible solutions, and create content that is more targeted, personalized and can facilitate the buyer journey. They also want to significantly expand their e-commerce offering from a limited group of small, accessory-type items to a more comprehensive offering that represents their entire spectrum of products and services.


Carolina Handling chose RDA to develop their digital roadmap and translate their strategy (including both short- and long-term objectives) to better leverage the company’s recent Sitecore and Eloqua investments.

According to Sitecore’s Customer Experience Maturity Model®, Carolina Handling is in the early stages of digital transformation. Key activities during this stage are to build awareness, and to align business goals to the context marketing opportunities that facilitate personal connections with new and existing customers.

RDA is helping to transform the company’s strategies into actionable initiatives, starting with:

  • Aligning digital goals with business goals
  • Enhancing, connecting and measuring strategic themes in alignment with buyer journey mapping
  • Developing a scoring system for personalized digital engagement
  • Integrating existing infrastructure and data investments
  • Prioritizing and implementing quick wins within Sitecore

In addition to leading the integration of marketing strategy and technology implementation, RDA is utilizing Carolina Handling’s preferred project management systems to facilitate seamless interaction between the RDA and client teams.


Carolina Handling is in the early stages of their digital transformation. The components of this digital roadmap engagement lays groundwork for them to make progress against their business drivers including increased market share and a continuation of building trusted relationships with their customers.


Technical Chops


  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Sitecore
  • Slack
  • Trello

Business Drivers

  • Building lifelong customers while significantly increasing market share over three years
  • Personalizing customer experiences to drive meaningful engagement
  • Reducing the cost of service to remote, hard-to-reach customers
  • Implementing comprehensive e-commerce offering