Success Story - Colonial Williamsburg

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National Historic Landmark District makes ticketing easier for guests

A National Historic Landmark District, Colonial Williamsburg is a 301-acre historic area that is an interpretation of a colonial American city, with dozens of restored or re-created buildings related to its colonial and American Revolutionary War history.


Colonial Williamsburg wanted to leverage the features of Sitecore to maximize revenue through ticketing and reservations for its many onsite amenities. This required integration across multiple ecommerce and transactional systems.

The client also wanted to revamp the look and feel of the Colonial Williamsburg site and make it more consistent with its companion mobile application. Further, the client wanted to incorporate personalization and A/B testing as part of future digital marketing efforts.


RDA’s integrated solution features an event calendar that allows users to see all Colonial Williamsburg events in one place, and purchase tickets for events or reserve amenities directly on the site with full cart functionality.

RDA also built a modular framework for Colonial Williamsburg that includes 50 to 60 components that the client can use to build their own web pages, rather than work strictly from an established set of templates. And to streamline management of content assets, all images are now stored in a cloud-based repository with technology that can feed images automatically for multiple device types.

Foundational systems are now in place to facilitate personalization and A/B testing for digital marketing campaigns as well.


This phase of upgrades has generated positive feedback from the client, and enables Colonial Williamsburg to begin more targeted marketing with personalization capabilities. Future updates will include an itinerary builder to further engage guests and facilitate activity planning.


Technical Chops

Skill sets

  • jQuery
  • JsViews
  • Sitecore
  • Responsive HTML
  • Responsive CSS


  • Azure
  • Azure B2C
  • Coveo
  • MVC
  • .NET
  • SQL Server
  • Visual Studio

Business Drivers

  • Leveraging Sitecore
  • Improving content management processes
  • Systems integration
  • Streamlining ticketing and reservations of amenities