Success Story - Financial Services

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Integration of Salesforce Streamlines Processes and Extends Capabilities

Our client is a banking association and payments company in the United States owned by large commercial banks. Our client provides core payment systems and engages in research, analysis, and advocacy centered on financial regulation.


Our client utilizes a CMS/eCommerce platform that is used as the primary channel to provide their members with thought leadership and professional development training materials related to the financial services industry. The platform is effective at delivering information, but does not capture a 360-degree view of their members, due to the information not being integrated in their CRM platform. This information silo has inhibited marketing from performing targeted campaigns, analyzing order history, and capturing valuable customer data and interactions on the site.

In addition to the web platform, our client had two groups of stakeholders leveraging a non-integrated CRM: a new business unit on a legacy CRM and an existing business unit with a low adoption of Salesforce. The client wanted a solution that would harmonize both business units, consolidate and centralize all data, streamline internal processes, reduce operational costs, and support marketing.


Prior to implementation, RDA interviewed new and existing stakeholders to gather requirements, recommend designs, and gain consensus on processes to ensure best practices and harmonization between the two departments.

RDA then integrated Sitecore, a CMS platform, with Salesforce to capture interactions from the web channel such as sign up, course registration, and product orders. Marketing is now able to segment member data to perform personalized communications and analyze where best to invest in future products and services. RDA also analyzed the legacy CRM, extracted all data, and mapped the information to the Salesforce domain. Following data migration, the organization can act on a consolidated set of member data and gain maximum value from the acquisition.


This project has successfully launched with the new business unit onboarded in Salesforce. With the old system no longer active, the business drivers of reducing cost and improving internal efficiencies have been achieved. Our client is now better equipped to tailor marketing efforts, streamline internal processes, and handle future expansion.

Technical Chops

Skill sets

  • Business process consulting
  • Data migration
  • ETL
  • Sitecore
  • User acceptance testing and training


  • APEX
  • Data Loader
  • .NET
  • OAuth
  • Salesforce
  • Sitecore

Business Drivers

  • Improve internal efficiency
  • Reduce cost by consolidating platforms
  • To lay the foundation for marketing automation