Success Story - HBCS

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A new, modern patient portal improves user experience, expands client customization options, and significantly accelerates scalability for new sites

HBCS is an accounts receivable management service for healthcare organizations. Their focus is on patient account resolution and follow-up services in the areas of insurance and self-pay accounts. HBCS clients experience improved cash flow and reduced operating costs, as well as some of the lowest outstanding receivable statistics in the country.


HBCS managed unique patient portal sites for each client and facility. As the company continued to grow, this model became increasingly inefficient. The time required to set up new clients and portals also posed growth limitations for the organization.

HBCS wanted a new, modern interface with responsive design that would not only improve internal efficiencies, but also result in an improved user experience for the patients of its healthcare clients.


RDA developed new site architecture using the Sitecore platform. With a template-based design, new patient portals draw from a common codebase and can be customized without major coding changes.

Client site administrators can opt to license additional HBCS features for their patients as well, such as recurring payments or the ability to store insurance information for future reference.

RDA also integrated Sitecore experience analytics to help inform future requests for system enhancement.


HBCS administrators are now able to scale their business without extensive IT involvement. The system provides many configurable options, including payment offerings, for example, that are selectable at the admin level. Since launch of the new portal system, HBCS reports they are able to set up new sites even faster and more easily than anticipated.

The ability for HBCS to license optional modules represents an opportunity to pilot new features on a controlled basis and generate additional incremental revenue.

For end users–the patients of client healthcare systems–the experience is much improved as well. They can enter profile data in one place, and it can be utilized by any HBCS-connected organization or facility the patient has visited. The patient can also access, manage and pay their own billing accounts for multiple HBCS-connected entities through one interface.

Technical Chops


  • Sitecore

Business Drivers

  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Improving scalability