Success Story - Merkle

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Career Development Exploration: Just a Click Away

Merkle is a performance marketing agency that counts Microsoft, Google, Nationwide, and Dell among its clients. With a strong command of data, analytics, and technology, Merkle transforms the marketing function of its clients — empowering them to create distinctive, personalized experiences for their customers.


An initiative focused on retaining and developing existing Merkle employees was spearheaded at the executive level of the organization. The initiative was prompted in part by the lack of information available to employees concerning potential career paths within the company. Much of the information available was shared verbally, and as a result, was inconsistent.

Merkle reached out to RDA Corporation to partner with them on this challenge. Merkle needed an online information portal where employees could explore career paths and opportunities within the company, along with the skill sets required to reach each level of advancement. The project required close collaboration between the human resources and information technology departments, as well as the aggregation of data that had not previously been collected and assembled for this specific purpose.

The interface had to be informative as well as engaging and easy to use.


This project was unlike any RDA had previously undertaken, because it provided a blank canvas for creative problem solving. The solution includes a content management system for easy information updates. Job vacancies were posted, skills requirements were organized to illustrate potential career paths, and usability enhancements were incorporated.

The application was implemented as a SharePoint 2013 user control platform which accesses Workday content to present the user with a customized view of available career opportunities. It introduces the ability to conduct a search based on organizational entity, career type and level, and role while providing summary and detailed information about each position. Detailed information includes role purpose, key responsibilities, skills, experience, and a list of employees currently in that role (with pictures and links to associated profile information).


The results of the program have been quite strong. Employees are now able to use the tool to understand what skills or requirements are necessary for roles at a higher level and/or lateral moves —this is especially useful during annual and mid-year reviews when potential next roles are discussed. There is a lot more consistency in the information available, and there is also transparency in what each role requires. Merkle’s ultimate goal is for employees to spend their entire careers at the company with access to evolution and growth. The RDA solution is the foundation for that goal to be realized.

“The tool that was created is simple to use and elegant in its design. It does not require training– simple pop-up information boxes are all that are needed to navigate the tool. We intended for people to play around in the tool to better understand the careers available and it has quickly become the most accessed area on our main portal page. Overall, it has exceeded our expectations and now requires us to constantly update the content so employees can always see the latest and greatest regarding their career opportunities at Merkle.“

Rich Westphal, Project Sponsor and HR Center of Expertise Lead / HR Business Partner

Technical Chops

Skill sets

  • Integration and workday SAS
  • UI and UX development


  • Bootstrap
  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Visual Studio
  • SharePoint

Business Drivers

  • Employee retention and advancement
  • Centralized, self-service information hub
  • Consistency of information