Success Story - Toll Brothers

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Streamlining Workflow Brings Velocity to Sales and Revenue

Since 1967, Toll Brothers has been building luxury communities in key locations across the U.S. They are known within the industry for their unique buying process, home customization options, premium building materials, sought-after locations, and environmental stewardship.


Toll Brothers’ process for completing the execution of documents related to the sale of properties is referred to as Agreement of Sale (AOS). This process was very manual and time consuming. The fact that it was manual also made it error prone and increased the company’s risk. AOS documents were delivered by hand or by mail. This method of delivery, along with the internal process required to secure buyer signatures, complete review and execution, and return final documents to the buyer, could take as many as 30 days or more. The time required to complete this process delayed construction as well as payment of mortgage revenue receivable to the company, and increased the risk for customers to rescind their offers. Additionally, without workflow controls, the old process made it difficult to comply with internal auditing requirements, or to easily determine the status or approval of any document within the process. Toll Brothers was at a point where they needed an update to their existing process and envisioned an automated workflow solution to remedy their challenge, issues and risk.


Toll Brothers engaged RDA to implement an automated solution for their Agreement of Sale document process. The solution leveraged a Nintex workflow product and DocuSign electronic signature functionality. Bringing the AOS solution online with Toll Brothers’ SharePoint intranet was an integration effort, including both design due diligence and solution implementation. RDA worked with Toll Brothers’ subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop the integration strategy, including workflow, user interface design and information architecture elements such as document storage, structure, content types/metadata, security/access and search. On completion, RDA organized a technical knowledge transfer to Toll Brothers’ IT staff, and provides post-production support as needed.


The new, custom document process automation solution eliminated the manual handling of documents, dramatically reducing the time for agreements to move from initiation to approval. The status of documents is readily available at any point in the process, facilitating satisfaction of auditing requirements as well as compliance with internal standards. Toll Brothers’ employees using the new document process automation system have found it intuitive and easy to navigate. Adoption happened rapidly—so fast, in fact, that the project paid for itself while initial roll-out was still underway.

“RDA partnered expertly with the Toll Brothers team to deliver a sales document workflow and e-signature solution that has already recouped our initial investment, even as we are still wrapping up the roll-out. We brought very challenging requests to the project team, seeking ‘brilliance on demand.’ This project has received accolades from C-suite executives as well as our field users. RDA fostered a culture of collaboration, openness and confidence in our collective project team.”

Christine Weeks, Sr. IT Project Manager

Technical Chops

Skill sets

  • Business analysis
  • Governance
  • Information architecture
  • Records management
  • Technical architecture
  • UI and UX development
  • Workflow management


  • .NET
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • DocuSign
  • Nintex

Business Drivers

  • Process automation
  • Workflow control and visibility
  • Acceleration of time to approval
  • Acceleration of revenue flow
  • Reduction of physical documentation storage