Success Story - Tourism

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National Historic Landmark District aligns digital strategy with experience platform to drive customer success

Our client, a living-history museum and private foundation presenting part of a historic district in the city of Williamsburg, Virginia, is one of the largest history projects in the national and a tourist attraction. It is part of the Historic Triangle of Virginia, which includes Jamestown and Yorktown, linked by the Colonial Parkway. The site was once used for conferences by world leaders and heas of state, including U.S. presidents. It was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1960.


This historic district worked with RDA to develop and launch a fully integrated ecommerce website on the Sitecore platform. The client wanted to learn and leverage Sitecore’s robust customer experience features to increase conversions. Specifically, they wanted to bring journey mapping, personas, personalization and A/B testing to its marketing program.


RDA partnered with Sitecore’s Business Optimization Strategy (SBOS) team to develop a custom workshop at the client’s site to identify segments, personas, outline the buyer journey, and map that journey to existing content. These strategic exercises helped the client build confidence in their digital maturity roadmap while aligning their key business outcomes.


The client’s marketing team now has a clear plan for how best to leverage their Sitecore platform moving forward. Delivering highly sophisticated campaigns while optimizing their efforts through A/B testing will drive alignment with key outcomes defined within their marketing plan.

Technical Chops

Skill sets

  • Customer experience marketing
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Digital maturity modeling
  • Persona development


  • eCommerce
  • Sitecore

Business Drivers

  • Leverage Sitecore for customer success campaigns