Success Story - Walker & Dunlop

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Digital Transformation Reduces Cost and Improves Communication with Clients

Walker & Dunlop is a commercial real estate finance company established in 1937. The firm has 31 offices across the U.S. and went public in 2010.


Utilizing technology to support internal processes, measure business successes, and engage with customers were top priorities for Walker Dunlop. They were extremely frustrated with their legacy document storage application while adjusting to the onboarding of a newly acquired real estate company in early 2017, causing tremendous inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction.

The newly acquired company brought their own process for managing the sales pipeline to the mix and operated on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to capture leads and opportunity conversions, while our client used Salesforce. Having two separate systems running would drive up operational costs and introduce significant customer ownership conflicts.

While figuring out how to best integrate the new business unit, Walker and Dunlop also faced internal challenges of meeting deadlines and ensuring completeness of documentation due to the complexity of commercial real estate loan transactions. Their legacy application did not accommodate communication with the customer, leaving all correspondence to occur manually by phone or e-mail, which created additional internal inefficiencies and compromised customer satisfaction.

Walker and Dunlop saw this as an opportunity to recreate their Salesforce environment to include a new sales process separating the loan transaction’s lifecycle from the sales cycle, and develop a client portal for managing the real estate loan process.


The client wanted to leverage RDA’s thirty years of demonstrated success in performing similar enterprise level migrations and business transformation.

RDA began the project by consulting with new and existing Salesforce stakeholders to define a harmonized sales process. Then RDA migrated data from Dynamics CRM to Salesforce, added feature enhancements to support a formal sales cycle, and created a lead ingestion utility that could automatically accept data from external sources with high quality.

RDA also modernized Walker & Dunlop’s document system from a legacy ASP.NET technology to a.NET technology stack. This allowed for the tight integration required between the document system and the new client portal. It also facilitates addition of new modules as needed.

The Salesforce enhancements separate the sales process from the loan process, making it easier to manage leads and opportunities and allows the business to measure success of the entire pipeline.


The Salesforce enhancements and modernized document system have received positive feedback from employees as they now enjoy centralized data, a streamlined process, the ability to ingest external lead data, a measurable sales cycle pipeline for any business unit, and a better way to engage with customers.

Technical Chops

Skill sets

  • Agile
  • Business process consulting
  • Data migration
  • ETL
  • Training
  • User acceptance testing and training


  • JavaScript
  • .NET
  • SQL Server
  • MS Dynamics SDK
  • Salesforce

Business Drivers

  • Improve sales cycle within company
  • Improve internal processes
  • Centralize customer information for easy access
  • Deprecate legacy systems
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Strengthening competitive edge in the marketplace