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Driving Your Revenue by Powering Outstanding Customer Experiences

"Customers that engage across multiple channels spend four percent more in-store, and ten percent more online versus single-channel customers." — Harvard Business Review

Customers expect more from the brands they support. It’s no longer just a product or service—now there’s the multi-channel customer experience to consider. Experience management–a tech category pioneered by Sitecore CEO and co-founder Michael Seifert–can help you own the customer experience through content management, content personalization, and orchestration of multiple touch points. In return, you can expect more customer engagement, loyalty, market share and revenue.

What Sitecore and RDA Offer You

The Sitecore advantage:

  • Sitecore offers the ability to radically transform how you interact with your prospects and customers.

  • Sitecore is an integrated solution, encompassing content management, content personalization and multi-channel management of customer interactions.

  • Sitecore has a Business Optimization Strategy team dedicated to its customers and implementation partners as they transform from a static web presence to one focused on building engagement, enhancing experiences and solidifying loyalty. 

The RDA advantage:

  • RDA has a dedicated Sitecore team with US-based, certified developers on staff.

  • RDA has an agile, adaptable, engineering-focused approach using Sitecore’s official guidelines and recommended practices for leveraging Sitecore capabilities.

  • RDA has staff trained in Sitecore’s Business Optimization Strategy process for more efficient, streamlined transformation processes.  

  • RDA brings two decades of system integration experience, helping clients integrate Sitecore with e-commerce, CRM, Learning Management Systems and others.

  • RDA offers Sitecore support and managed service offerings. Download the PDF to learn more about RDA’s managed service offering.

Sitecore and RDA Work Together Continuously

RDA has been a Sitecore partner since 2011, and together we’ve developed and deployed many successful projects for our clients—whether they represent the IT team, the marketing team, or both.  When you choose RDA for your Sitecore project, you get:

  • a single, streamlined communication channel to both project teams;

  • the advantage of an integrated and proven partnership with experience working together;

  • the latest information on Sitecore updates and improvements supporting your future growth and system scalability; and,

  • access to institutional knowledge and contacts that can benefit your current system or help expand it.

RDA Technical Chops

  • Sitecore Certified Partner 

  • Sitecore Business Optimization Strategy Certification

  • Member of the Sitecore EXM and User Voice Groups 

  • Continuous certification enrollment

  • Application development experience using Sitecore, MS, .NET, Azure, SharePoint and SQL Server

  • Mobile application development experience with IOS and Android for responsive design 

Let's Go!  Connect with us now to transform your marketing strategies into action with the power of technology.

“RDA has a track record of driving successful experience marketing and e-commerce solutions for our customers on the Sitecore platform. Their team gains an understanding of our customer’s business, and they ask the right questions to build solutions that get quick results while planning for future needs. 


RDA is unique in the martech space, bridging the gap between marketing and technology with decades of experience to back them up. I appreciate the efforts and dedication that represent the Sitecore and RDA partnership, ultimately allowing our customers to transform their marketing strategies.


RDA is a valued partner at Sitecore, and we look forward to working together to help more companies enjoy the benefits of solutions built with Sitecore’s experience marketing platform.”


Chris Jewell

Vice President East Region Sales

Sitecore, North America

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