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3 Easy Tactics to Start Personalizing your Digital Marketing


Everyone we talk to is trying to take steps to build personalization into their customer experience. Personalizing customer experiences, whether on your website, in an email push, or in a social media campaign, requires you to deliver content that considers the context of customers’ current and previous brand interactions.

Our partner, Sitecore, refers to this as “context marketing.” This approach delivers measurable, relevant experiences that improve performance, build loyalty and drive real results across each of your customer engagement channels. Context marketing empowers businesses to know every customer and shapes their experiences in real time and at scale.

Personalization doesn’t have to be hard and it definitely shouldn’t be overwhelming. Here are three recommended tactics to start using relevant customer data to harness the power of a personal marketing approach:

1. Deliver first-time visitors a special welcome

New visitors represent a special opportunity: they give you an occasion to express something about your brand and its values. By giving them a tailored welcome through personalization, you:

  • tell them how much you appreciate them
  • show them that your company treats its customers with exceptional care
  • distinguish yourself from the competition

A first-time visitor to your site may be at the start of a buying journey. But they may be in the midst of it, too. Help them get to your content based on where they are. Welcome them and offer “how-may-we-help-you” content with different directions to different pages. This isn’t an explicit “Welcome” sign. It can be more implicit, highlighting different paths they can take.

2. Leverage geolocation

With a geolocation service, you can gain insights about a customer’s country, state, metro area, city or ZIP code. You can also determine where they are within feet by obtaining their longitude and latitude. In many cases, a customer’s location can be used to serve up content specific to their location.

When someone is on a smartphone, they are probably not in a mode—or mood—to browse. For them, the fewer clicks they have to make, the better. Personalizing their experience could reduce the number of clicks involved. Making the interaction more relevant—and efficient—is likely to enhance your conversion rate.

Example: If you are a retailer with multiple stores, you may use geolocation personalization to highlight the closest stores based on where the customer is located. Serve content consisting of directions and/or coupons to attract them to the store.

3. Score your Customers

A lead score can help determine a visitor’s likelihood to become a customer based on their digital activities. Their lead score—low, medium, or high—can be used to show relevant content that helps move them through the stages of sale or down that oft-cited sales funnel.

Lead scores can, like many personalization tactics, help increase conversions. But they can also be used to model forecasts, based on the number of visitors at a variety of score ranges.

Looking at site content and activities, base lead scores on how likely the visitor is to become a customer after consuming the content or engaging in a particular activity. Check out Sitecore for some best practices on lead scoring.

Separate from the pack

Your clients and potential clients are bombarded with content and are quickly becoming immune to even the best. Now is the time to utilize data and technology to measure, generate, and optimize engagement, in turn creating highly personalized experiences for them.

Smart marketers that want to win know they must tap into a visitor’s journey at multiple points and across multiple channels—in short, use personalization to market effectively and efficiently.

Need help understanding the path to personalization? Want to construct a buyer journey analysis, add engagement automation or maybe just start with a path gaining better customer insights? RDA can get you started with a personalization workshop tailored to your specific needs. Connect with me on LinkedIn for more details.

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