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Betsy Silver, Business Development Director at RDA comments on an article from ITWeb - Wouldn’t it be great to have an assistant help you process tasks easier and faster, whether on the go or at your desk, and make sure that associated data and/or documents get routed automatically to the right location?  RDA’s Partner, Nintex can help you make that happen, enterprise wide!”

Workflow streamlines your processes, integrates your content and drives collaboration. It automates people, processes and content. It's also about improving processes – from the everyday to the complex. It's about working with content no matter what or where it is, and routing it to the right recipients in the best, most intuitive, efficient way for them to use it and keep your business moving.

But how does workflow help you to grow your business? "Well, for one, it makes your business more efficient, freeing you up to focus on building your business," says Stephan Gous, SWECA Territory Manager, Nintex. "Spending less time on tasks means you can take on more projects, which means more money for your business. It can give you the mobility that you need to do what you need to while on the go. It also means that all documents on the network are the latest versions, even if you updated something from your cellphone between meetings. And it enables you to access reports and documents regardless of where you are. All of which frees you up to meet investors, customers and suppliers."

However, the trick with workflow, is to avoid having too many tools and applications in play from too many providers that all do the same thing. The key is consolidation, a single workflow that everyone uses. The entire business needs to use the same way of interacting with other people and companies, to create documents or to view, edit, and share information.

A workflow enables the business to connect to the services that it requires and orchestrates activity across them. It acts like an intelligent assistant that works behind the scenes to make sure things happen. And this is especially true when it comes to tasks. The goal is to get tasks to users efficiently and in a method that fits them best. A more agile team spends less time on repetitive work and can respond quicker and better to customer needs and demands.

It also means that you can measure the efficiency of your business across all areas, showing existing and potential customers the value that you provide and enabling you to better manage the business itself. The ability to prove consistent results can give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

"Workflow brings everyone in your business together, enabling them to collaborate on projects better. You need a single workflow across all areas of your business that is easy to design, deploy, change, update, secure and understand. It must also be able to change as the business evolves," says Gous.

What can workflow and content automation offer your business?

* Visibility into current business processes.

* Enhanced collaboration and better communication.

* Faster response times.

* Shorter sales cycles.

* More efficient operations.

* Expanded mobility.

* Increased customer engagement.

Gous concludes: "If you're at a loss as to what you're going to do with all that free time you suddenly have on your hands, how about treating yourself to a one-minute video of puppies playing?"


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