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Building the Digital Foundation for Connected Commerce – Two Critical Building Blocks to Get You Started


By Chad Solomonson, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, RDA Corporation

Like Amazon, you are seeking to combine the power of highly personalized experiences with sophisticated product merchandizing and shopping. Two critical building blocks to get you started include: Business Alignment & Customer Insights & Behaviors

As a passionate marketer, you know what your company wants and can take bold steps forward to engage your customers. Here are some building blocks that will help get you started to build a strong foundation for growth:

Business Building Block: Alignment

  • Take a deeper look at your brand
    Examine the benefits, image and feelings your brand is currently projecting and how can it become stronger through a digital shift.

  • Understand Your Digital Business Model
    Prioritize digital initiatives based on your resources and culture. What steps can you realistically take to achieve growth through new revenue streams?

  • Define Digital Goals
    Document digital metrics that can and will achieve incremental improvement towards new revenue and customer experiences. Be sure to make the goals achievable and ground them in reality.

  • Perform a Technology Review
    Analyze existing technology investments and integration points to your all of your marketing platforms. Be sure to understand the roadblocks and prioritize the quick wins.

  • Understand Your Data Agility
    Review how customer data moves from various systems and is managed. Many systems are easy to pull data from…and others not so much. Various marketing tools have APIs allowing an ability to pull data for importing into other tools.

Customer Building Block: Insights & Behaviors

  • Segment Your Customers
    Clearly define customer types based on as many attributes as you can connect (revenue is a good place to start). Commerce may not be right for certain customers.

  • Go Deep With Personas
    Bring your e-commerce customers to life by defining and labeling personas, as well as identifying their behaviors that will motivate them to transact. This drives all the product development, content creation and the sales process.

  • Build the Ideal Buying Journeys
    Align personas with seamless experiences using the channels that make sense to your business. Be sure to identify key moments of the truth for highly personalized offers.

  • Know the Competitive Landscape
    Assess why your customers may go elsewhere. Understand your top threats, the features they are building, and the experiences they are creating and compare that to yours.

  • Baseline Your Digital Maturity
    Uncover what is working and what are the obstacles that are preventing scaled growth. Get comfortable with taking small steps to achieve wins and continue to build to full scale success.

Building a direct relationship and clear alignment between measurable connected commerce activities and business and marketing objectives will get your leadership’s attention, resulting in getting the funding needed to build relevant impactful experiences for your customers.

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