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RDA’s Andrew Crowder Helps Create Process To Accelerate Connected Commerce


(Hunt Valley, MD – April 14, 2017) -  RDA Corporation (RDA) announces the development of reusable plug-ins designed to accelerate the implementation process of Sitecore Commerce. The plug-ins increase the capabilities of Sitecore Commerce, an online shopping platform, resulting in a faster set-up and a more tailored commerce experience.

Andrew Crowder, RDA’s Director of Sales & Marketing and a second year winner of Sitecore’s MVP Commerce award, has gained extensive knowledge on Sitecore’s platform, which has helped him develop innovative solutions that engage our clients with their customers on a deeper level.

He led a team of RDA developers in the creation of reusable plug-ins that expands Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 capabilities. The first set of plug-ins developed focus on the check-out process by making it more efficient when it comes to shipping options, tax, and payment methods. They allow companies to connect with shipping vendors like UPS, tax vendors like Vertex & Avalara, and payment gates like Authroize.NET and Chase Payment Tech.

These pre-built components give RDA the capability to accelerate the development process for clients, while still allowing each client to generate a customized commerce platform that fits the needs of their customers.

“In today’s consumer world, businesses continually need to evolve with their customers if they want to stay competitive. These plug-ins give businesses a competitive edge by helping them get to market offering a seamless experience. This set is just the beginning and I look forward to what we develop in the future, “Andrew states.

“We’re extremely happy with RDA’s set of plug-ins. They highlight Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1’s flexible architecture, which allows for easy expansion and customization. This set of tools from RDA will help jumpstart Sitecore Commerce implementations and create a more personal experience for customers.”  Wanda Cadigan | Sitecore VP Commerce

RDA is proud of this recent development and excited for future advancements that will continue to help clients transform their marketing plans and strategies into technology-powered solutions that drive revenue growth and business results.

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